Inbound PR Book: Excerpt from the Introduction

Inbound PR Book: Excerpt from the Introduction


As a PR agency owner or CEO, which one will you choose: being stuck in the state where you’ve always been, or will you embrace change?

PR professionals are the best content creators. They are natural storytellers—this is how it has been since the first press release. Writing and communication skills have been at the forefront of PR practitioners’ skillsets, not so much for marketing, advertising or digital agency professionals.

On the other hand, PR people are very bad at measurement. Showing the tangible results of their efforts in a way that makes sense to the bottom line has been the single biggest challenge for PR since its very beginning.

Especially in the digital era, you can’t be using outputs or metrics such as advertising value equivalents (AVEs) or impressions; you must be able to measure outcomes and show the real impact on the business that is often defined by an increase in sales.

Inbound makes measurement possible, however, it doesn’t work without content.


Inbound PR can help you build brand awareness, generate leads (customer or media), nurture them, close them as customers or publishers, and then delight them to retain them with even better services, stories, and strong relationships. Most importantly, you’ll be able to track the ROI of all those activities.


PR is ripe for transformation. Are you ready to embark on the Inbound PR journey?

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